Dispatch Setup

Last Updated June 5th, 2018 by Christine McCarty

Setting up a dispatch queue allows you to automatically or quickly dispatch work orders that are made for that specific location and trade to the service provider(s) in your queue.

Here's how to set up a new Location Dispatch Queue:

  1. Click on Dispatch Setup in the Locations & Assets menu.
  2. Choose from the Options menu how you would like to filter which Locations you are choosing from.
  3. Select a location or multiple locations you'd like to set up Dispatch Queues for.
  4. Click Create Queue for all trades you want to create dispatch queues for.
  5. Select the Service Provider(s) you want to add to the queue. Drag and drop Service Providers to order them.
  6. Click the checkbox next to the trade to allow Auto-Dispatch.

Note: Only trades that have been set to have auto-dispatch can have the Auto-Dispatch checkbox checked off. This is set in the Trade setup. Click here for help with Trade Setup.

Auto Dispatch

Allowing auto dispatch means that as soon as a work order is created for that trade at that location it will be dispatched without you having to manually do it.

Override Queue

When you have multiple locations selected and they have different queues already set up for a trade there will be an override button so you are aware you are changing multiple existing queues.


When creating a new Dispatch Queue there is a field at the bottom of the queue creation screen for a dispatch queue note. This is where you can input anything worth noting about this provider or for the specific queue that is set up. Once the note is added an orange icon will appear in the dispatch queue screen, once you hover over the icon it will display the note added for that queue.

After Hours Dispatch Queue

When a location’s hours of operations are filled in and a work order is to be dispatched during after hours, you can set up a separate dispatch queue to go to an after-hours service provider. Within the Dispatch queue, you can select the tab for the after hours queue to set up different service providers and set up the auto dispatch if needed.

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