Trade Setup

Last Updated June 5th, 2018 by Katie Wickens

Trades are a user definable listing and help organize/define types of work. Trades can be added, edited, activated/de-activated or deleted.

Officetrax comes with 30 default trades to make communication with other Officetrax users easier (standardizes trade names). These trades cannot be deleted. They can be edited, however, when dispatching using one of these default trades, another user may only see the default name given rather than your edited/custom name so it is recommended that you leave the default trades as-is aside from adding your rates etc.

Adding New Trades

How to add a Trade:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on Trades under Maintenance settings.
  3. Click the New Trade button and fill out all the required fields. See below for help with some of the fields.

Note: Please note that not all fields below are available in all packages of Officetrax. You may notice that some fields are missing from your package - this is supposed to be that way depending on if you are a Service Provider or not.

Parent Trade

The parent trades are going to be one of the default Officetrax trades. This helps you organize/categorize your trades further by creating sub-trades/categories if you need to expand on the default trades given. For Example: You could create a Trade called "Bird Abatement" and make the Parent Trade "Pest Control" to define what type of Pest Control you do.

If you are a Service Providers on your Parent Trades, you can fill out the Description of Services to notify other users requesting your services exactly what work you do as they will not be able to see any of your personalized trades. This description will show up on Service Agreements.

Default DNE

You can set a default Do Not Exceed (DNE) amount for this Trade so that it is always applied when the trade is being used.

Dispatch Instructions

You can add a set of instructions that will always be applied when using this Trade in a dispatch.

Allowing Auto-Dispatching

Use the checkbox to allow auto-dispatching for this Trade. Turning this on will allow requests for this Trade to be auto-dispatched to a Location's default Dispatch Queue (if one exists).

Once this checkbox is selected, you can select which priorities you would like to enable auto-dispatching for this Trade. Use the Toggle all Priorities button to turn on/off all priorities. Or use the checkbox to turn on the priorities.

Rate Setup

These rates are in relation to your different Labor Types. This is where you set your different rates for each Labor Type for this Trade.

Problem Setup

This is where you define which Problems you are able to report for this Trade. When you create a Work Order for this Trade, the Problems list will be filtered to the Problems you select here.

Deleting Trades

You can only delete sub-trades you've created.

How to delete a trade:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on Trades under Maintenance settings.
  3. Clikc the button next to the Trade you wish to delete.

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