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How to create a new report:

  1. Click the Create a Report link from the Essentials menu.
  2. Fill out the Report Setup form. Required fields are marked with an . For help with some of the fields see below.
  1. Navigate to the Reports from under the Essentials menu and click New Report.
  2. Fill out the Report Setup form. For help with some of the fields see below.


Choosing your Base allows you to choose Fields only related to that Base allowing your reports to be more focused and organized.


Run on Demand

The Report will only run for the user when clicking the Download button from the Report Details page. Recipients will not receive the report when clicking Download.


The report will run on a schedule based on the Run Every option selected. You are able to further customize the scheduling by setting the Number of Runs, Start Date¸ and the Start Time of the Report. Every time the Report has been run through a schedule the excel file(.xlsx) will be added to the Files tab.


You are able to add Recipients to the Report by clicking Find Recipients button. You can then select Employees to add to the report. This list will be filtered by the Roles and Permissions of the Base selected. If you are unable to find the Employee you want to add make sure to check their Roles and Permissions.


Filters work just like Smart Search rules. Select which rules your fields need to follow, or leave blank if there is no extra filtering required for this report.


Using the Field checkboxes, you will be able to select which Fields you want to be in your Report. The Report requires at least one Field selected in order to be created or updated. As fields are selected they will appear in the order they are selected.

After Fields are select you will be able to apply some additional organizing. You can reorder the fields by click and hold the and dragging into a new position. Fields can have the ability to be sorted by Ascending or Descending, only one Field can be sorted at a time.

Certain Fields will have a Crunch Numbers options, these will be added to the end of the Report and provide the Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Median for the column. Crunch Number options that have been turned on will appear in green.


To create a report that displays all your Contact's first names you would choose a Contacts base, skip Filtering and just choose First Name from the fields.

To create a report that displays only your Contacts who are named Greg from the USA, you would select the Contacts base, set filters to match all rules and make a filter for Country to United States, a filter for First Name to Greg, and choose First Name in the fields.

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