Requesting Proposals (RFP)

Last Updated January 9th, 2018 by Christine McCarty

As a dispatcher you have the ability to request proposals from your service providers. You can request a proposal from multiple providers and they would provide the proposals and the retailer has the ability to select which provider they will go with.

How to request a proposal:

  1. Navigate to a Work Order you want to request a proposal for. It must be in the not dispatched, dispatched, in progress, or deferred status.
  2. Click the Dispatch button and select Request Proposal.
  3. Verify the information on the settings and problems tabs.
  4. Select the providers you want to request proposals from.
  5. Select any tasks needed for the work order.
  6. Verify everything on the summary page and click Submit and Dispatch.

The status on the work order will change to dispatched and the status on the dispatch will be proposal required. The service provider will receive an email with the work order information to submit their proposal for your groups approval.

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