Time Tracking

Last Updated December 21st, 2017 by Becca Ellig

How to start tracking time:

  1. Navigate to a Work Order or dispatch.
  2. Click the Punch In button.
  3. Select a Dispatch that you're tracking time for if you're on a work order.
  4. Your time will begin tracking in the upper right corner under the button.
  5. Click on the to view your tracked time.

Note: You cannot track time on work orders/dispatches in the Pending Acceptance status.

How to stop tracking time:

  1. Click on the button and click Stop Tracking Time.
  2. If needed, make changes here to Hours/Minutes tracked and then add a Note about what was completed during your tracked time.

Don't track

Clicking Dont Track will close the Track Your Time pop-up, stop tracking your time, and clear any time tracked so far.


Clicking Cancel will close the Track Your Time pop-up and continue to track your time.

Time Logs

You can also submit a manual time log if you haven't tracked in real-time.

How to submit a time tracking log:

  1. Navigate to a Work Order and click on the Time Tracking tab.
  2. Fill out the Time Tracking form. Required fields are marked with an .

Note: In addition to yourself, anyone who is in a Manager Role above you with Administration Rights to Time Management, is able to edit your logs.

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