Events and Reminders

Last Updated January 19th, 2018 by Ayrton Morgan


How to create a new Event:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar
  2. Click New Event
  3. Fill out the required fields on the Event Create form. These are marked with an
  4. Click Create

Note: You can attach any record to an Event which will provide additional details for the Event. From the Calendar you are able click and drag the Event to different day, additionally if the Calendar is in day view you can adjust the start and end times.

How to edit an Event:

  1. Navgigate to an Event you wish to edit from your Calendar
  2. Click Event and select Edit
  3. Fill out the required fields on the Event Edit form and any other info you wish to include
  4. Click Update

Tip: When you're looking for an Event in your Calendar make sure you're filtered to be viewing Events rather than Follow Ups or Work Orders.


During Event create and edit you can set a reminder time to send in-app reminders to everyone invited to the Event. Reminders are able to be Acknowledged and Snoozed.

When the invitee(s) Acknowledge the reminder, it will dismiss the reminder indefinitely however with Snoozing it will remind them again after 5 minutes.

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