The Calendar

Last Updated January 19th, 2018 by Ayrton Morgan

The Calendar is used to create and manage various Events. You are able to create events, view Follow Ups, and view Work Orders.

Tip: The current date will always be indicated in a different color than the other days.


At the top there are several controls to help further organize the Calendar. You can apply Workspaces, swap between types, and change the view of the Calendar.

Switching between types will allow you to see Events, Follow Ups, and Work Orders. Only one can be viewed at a single time.

To change the current view of the Calendar you must click Month, Week, or Day to view the Calendar at that level. You can also click a day on the Calendar to view that specific day. Additionally, you are able to move to the next or previous Month, Week, or Day by hitting the and arrows.

From the Calendar you are able click and drag Events to different days. Additionally, if the Calendar is in day view you can adjust the start and end times.

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