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Roles work in a hierarchy to define and restrict levels of access to information/features for specific users. Users assigned to the top (typically executives/other management) get access to all the data of all users who fall directly below them in the hierarchy. Let's take a look at the defaults below.

Administrator User

The Administrator User is able to View, Create, Edit, and Recycle in every area of the application and has full access to Settings. The Adminisrator is the highest role which means they do not have a Manager Role.

Editor User

The Editor User is able to View, Create, Edit, and Recycle in every area of the application but does not have access to Settings. The Editor's Manager Role is the Administrator.

Read Only User

The Read Only User is only able to View every area of the application, and does not have access to Settings. That means they can only see all data but not create anything new or edit anything existing. The Read Only's Manager Role is the Editor.

Tip: If a user's Role changes they must log out and back in, to apply the change.

Creating new Roles

How to create a new role:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Under General Settings go to Roles.
  3. Click the New Role button and fill out all required fields. For help with the fields see below.


Keep your Role Names specific so that when you create a new employee you are able to quickly decide their role.

Manager Role

When you select a Manager Role you are setting who the employees in your new role are going to be managed by. Anyone in the role who you set as the Manager Role will have access to all data from the employees in the role you're creating.

User Licenses

Each user in Officetrax requires a User License. You must select what type of user license the users in this role are going to use. If you have no more user licenses please contact us to purchase more.

Administrative Permissions

These permissions will give the users in this role access to different areas in Settings as well as a few other areas. This is also where you can set which trades these users can create Work Orders for.

View, Create, Edit, and Delete Permissions

These are the different features inside Officetrax that the users in this role will have access to. You can also restrict which actions they can take in those areas by setting view/create/edit/delete/import/report rights.

Deleting Roles

How to delete a role:

  1. Navigate to Settings and go to Roles under General Settings.
  2. Click the button next to the role you want to delete. If there are users assigned to the role you are deleting you must select a new role for them.

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