Last Updated January 11th, 2018 by Rick Caskenette

Checklists are designed to provide specific questions on how to handle a problem/issue or collect information regarding service requirements when creating a work order. They also help a user determine if the problem is easily solvable by giving them a checklist of to-do's before reporting the problem.

Here's how you create a new Checklist:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Select Checklists from Maintenance Settings.
  3. Select New Checklist.
  4. Click the Add question button to create a checklist question.
  5. Select your response type from the Type dropdown. See below for an explanation of the different types.
  6. Enter the possible answers in the Select Options area. Use the checkbox to mark if this question is required to be answered before moving on.
  7. From the Trade Setup area select the trade(s) you want the question(s) to be assigned to.
  8. From the Problem Setup area identify which problems you want the question(s) assigned to.

Tip: There are Toggle All buttons to allow for easy input.



Will provide the user with a checkbox next to the question.

Note: You can't mark checkbox type questions as required. Only single and multi-select.


Will provide the user the ability to choose multiple answers from your possible answers.


Will provide the user the ability to choose only one answer from your possible answers.

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