Resetting Your Password

Last Updated December 21st, 2017 by Becca Ellig

If you forget your password you can always reset it at any time. All you need is your username email.

Tip: Passwords are case sensitive. If you can't log in ensure your password was entered correctly.

Here's how you can reset your password:

  1. Navigate to your team's domain. For help finding your domain check out the section below.
  2. Press Forgot your password?
  3. Enter your login email into the password reset section.
  4. Follow the instructions and link in your password reset email.

Forgot your Team Domain?

Most team domains will look like this: If you're having a hard time finding your team domain you can either contact your administrator user(s) - the person or people in charge of your Officetrax Account - or, contact our office.

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