Your Account Storage

Last Updated December 21st, 2017 by Becca Ellig

Each Officetrax account comes with a maximum amount of GBs of storage. Here's how to check how much storage you have used, and how much is left.

Here's how to check storage:

  1. Navigate to your Settings
  2. View your Storage Bar on the Settings Dashboard

Database Storage

Database storage is made up of each Record placed into your application.

File Storage

File storage is made up of all files you have uploaded into the system including profile photos, files attached to records, and imports while they're uploading.

How Storage is Calculated

Storage is calculated by the package plan you're using and the amount of users on your plan. All storage is shared across each user. That means if you have a total of 10GB for 2 users, one user might use 8GB and another might only use 2GB.

Note: Each Officetrax Account comes with default data to help make Account setup easier. That's why you may notice up to 0.01GB of storage being used even on a brand new Account.

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