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An Employee is what we call a user. Each user needs an Employee profile created in order access to the application.

Creating Employees

Adding a new Employee:

  1. Navigate to the Employees section under the Essentials menu.
  2. Click the Employees button and select New.
  3. Enter all required fields (marked with a ). See below for help with some of the fields.
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Have the Employee you just created click the link in the confirmation email they would have received.
  6. The new Employee will use the provided temporary password to log in, and will then change their password after logging in.


  1. From the Essentials menu click the Create an Employee link.
  2. Follow steps 3-6 from above.

Time Zone

Setting an Employees timezone determines which timezone is used in Officetrax to display dates/times to them.


The role will determine which features/data the user can access. For more help visit our Roles help page.


Usernames will always be an email address that the user has access to so that they can confirm their account through email.

Max DNE Approval

This is where you can set the maximum dollar amount this user can approve on Proposals.

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