Last Updated January 25th, 2018 by Ethan Currah

The Maintenance Dashboard Widgets provide an overview of metrics related to records you can view in the system. You may not have access to every widget.

Dashboard Buttons

These three buttons are quick links to common areas of Officetrax. You can quickly create a New Work Order, view open Work Orders, and Deferred Work Orders.

Trade Problems

The Trade Problems chart displays the frequency of Work Orders created by the Trade that they are assigned. Only the most common trades will be shown in this chart.

Priority Analysis

The priority analysis table shows the number of open Work Orders broken down by their assigned priority and how long it has been since they were created. The Priority Analysis pie chart visually represents the distribution of open Work Orders in the system by their assigned Priority.

Invoice Analysis

The Invoice Analysis table shows the count and total value of invoices broken down by status for the last 12 months.

Invoice Profit

The Invoice Profit chart compares the average and total profit made on invoices in the last 12 months.

Invoice Amount

The Invoice Amount chart shows the average invoice totals in the last 12 months.

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